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A wanderer, who is lost.
A mystery, waiting to be solved.
A balance sheet, that never balances.
A day-dreamer, who has nightmares at night.
A meandering river that can’t seem to flow back to its source.

Name is Surya Ramkumar.

I am a nomad, be it online or offline. Online, I often pack my posts up and leave the blog for other online haunts, but somehow I keep returning here. Offline, I have not yet made the journey home. So far, I have called home India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands and now, the UK.

I am an avid traveller. Sometimes, I backpack. Sometimes, I stay at the best hotels in town. Depends on who is paying for it. My travel partner is my partner in life – he maintains his own site, so you can find out more about Srijith here.

My interests include history (the earlier the period, the better!), literature (I have a soft spot for poetry and anything abstract), macroeconomics (yes, I know what you are thinking), physics ( come on, it is the most beautiful of sciences) and miscellaneous (anything else really). I blog about these, whenever time permits.

Read on, you might like some of it. I appreciate any comments, about any posts or the site in general. So feel free to comment!

4 Responses

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  1. anil sharma says

    your profile is impressive and your ideas lucid.your blog on flower is excellent.write more blog on flowers and journey.keep it up.

  2. Aneesha says

    Hey, read your comment on my blog. Was impressed by your verstality, opinion, and poetry. Good luck to you too, on your writing adventures.

  3. Saatchi says

    I think you’re simply brilliant! You weave magic with your words. I just chanced upon your blog and am so happy I did. All the very best with your writing endeavours. Anything you write will be really spectacular.

  4. Ash says

    Loved what I read so far. Hope you keep writing.

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