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We, the millennials

Neither a hare nor a tortoise be,
Rather the child that meanders free.

Our destination is a mirage to which we float,
Not a mountain to climb with disasters fraught.

We don’t lay claim to the things we own;
Pride is for the experiences we have borne.

Let’s not just smell the roses, let’s plant a few;
Organic and fair-traded, even the coffee we brew.

A playful child – we laugh and we cry,
Often it seems to you that we don’t try.

We want to feel the pain and the pleasure,
No shields for us, it’s the feelings we treasure.

On a screen to zoom, we are a billion pixels,
Each a new life; look to see but not to rush.

If you were to paint us, it’s at your own peril;
If you decide to choose just one broad brush.

We are all different, not peas in a pod;
Not grains of sand, with one boot to trod.

We want to love, to share and to see,
To be the playful child that meanders free.

Posted in Musings, Society on January 3, 2017

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