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Synopsis, root canals and child birth

I have just written a synopsis I hate – of course, I am in love with my novel and no two pages is going to do justice to it (Did you say something about me being biased? I am ignoring it.)

While trying to figure out what I should change, I hop over to Nathan Bransford’s blog post on the topic. Here’s one of the comments on his blog by Kimber An:

Ug, I’d rather have root canal than write a synopsis. The only nice thing I can say is it’s easier and less painful than childbirth.

This was really the last thing I needed to read. Now I don’t know what I should pray for – the baby comes before I finish the synopsis (so I can finally walk instead of waddle ad breathe instead of gasp) or she waits till I finish the synopsis and query letter (in which case, that comment is tempting me to procrastinate it for a very long time). Where’s my dentist when I need her?

Oh wait, that’s another contraction! Arrghh!!! Looks like the li’l one has a mind of her own, doesn’t really matter what I pray for.

Posted in Asides on November 20, 2009

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