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Bourbon biscuit cake recipe

I hardly ever post recipes, but I am so proud of this one I need to put it up.

I had to clear the bourbon biscuits in my kitchen, because I needed to use the container for something else. I couldn’t find a good recipe anywhere on the wide world web, so I had to be a little innovative. If I may so myself, my little experiment turned out quite fine (and its super easy to make), so here we go:


    10-12 bourbon biscuits
    6-8 cubes of chocolate (I used dairy milk)
    A block of butter
    2 tblspn honey


  • 1. Line a container with clingfilm, leaving enough to fold over when full
    2. Melt the chocolate, honey and butter (each separately) in a microwave and mix together
    3. Grind / crush the bourbon biscuits to fine powder
    4. Mix the biscuits with the melted chocolate/honey/butter mix
    5. Add milk to the mix and mix well, till you get a slightly viscous consistency
    6. Tip the mixture into the container. Refrigerate for ~2 hours.
  • Tips:

      Goes well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.
      You could try throwing in fruits and nuts, if you like.
      Try it out with other brands of biscuits

    Posted in random on July 20, 2009

    11 Responses

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    1. Divya says

      Wow, seems like a good simple recipe! I am gonna try it sometime!

    2. Mahita says

      :).. SOunds interesting and has all the ingredients that are yummy to my taste buds :)… Should give it a try sometime :)

    3. Farah says

      I tried it wid vita marie….wanted 2 try sumthg new 4 mum’s bday n it turned out 2 b gr8! Thnx

    4. Asif Jamal says

      I tried it like a fool, it was terrible, and fattening. Maybe because I used salted amul butter instead of white butter. I guess it should have been specified by the recipe maker. Fattening is , as its understandeable with all that butter and chocolate, but I certainly will not forgive the omission of information regarding butter. May you never be able to cook and have stomach rash throughout your life.

    5. Anne says

      Very easy recipe. I will try it as soon as possible. I think Diary Milk chocolate Flavor is fabulous. thanks for posting it.

    6. Emily Jones says

      i love to eat cakes and bake them too that is why i am always on the lookout for cake recipes*,*

    7. jim says

      I see that those who cant cook blame the person who designed the recipe. Putting salted butter into a sweet dish never occurred to you as stupid? In return May you live in interesting times Asif Jamal.

      On a lighter note can we clarify how big a block of butter is?

    8. bindu says

      1 block or 1 stick of butter to be used?

    9. paras says

      going to try

    10. emily says

      far to much honey then needed, didnt taste like bourbon biscuit at all really.

    11. Chitra says

      Hi seems to be simple and delicious receipe,but is it possible to tell me block of butter means how much butter we need to use?
      If you can tell us in how much butter in grams unit would be appreciated.

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