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Joy, unadulterated


I want to climb on a rooftop and shout to the world
I want to call you all, one by one, and talk and talk
I want to just jump up and down, and down again
Till I have to no more voice and no more breath.

I want to keep smiling till my cheeks hurt all over
I want to turn cartwheels till I fall down in a heap
I want to giggle and laugh like a little five year old
Who got the keys to the world’s biggest candy store.

I want to skip a step and run a mile,
I want to hop a little and jump a stile
I want to row down the river, and go where it flows
No matter where it heads, for everywhere is heaven.

I want to feel the wind blow against my brow
I want to smell the spring, and kiss the birds
I want to listen to leaves that flutter, and sing along
In pure unadulterated joy, that comes around oh so rare.

I want to close my eyes and imagine my best dream,
I want to open them again and know its really for real
I want to dance and have the whole world dance with me
In wild moments of celebration, that last till the end of time.

Ever since Jigar commented about writing a ‘yang’ for the for the ‘yin’ poem “I wish…” (read it here), I had been trying. But I tend to struggle to write what I don’t feel. Finally, after four long months, I feel deliriously happy.

Photo: Fireworks at the Gunpowder Plot celebration at Ipswich, UK (courtesy Srijith)

Posted in poetry on April 17, 2009

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  1. Soo says

    Exactly what I want to do now :) Nice work!

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