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Ben Okri



Ben Okri, the booker prize winning author, was one of the panelists at the Oxford Lit Fest last weekend. And that’s what he autographed for me. Me like..:-)

Funny thing was, he wanted the book. Apparently, he had never seen this edition of his own book. Think it was bought in South Africa, and as far as  I know is as genuine as any copy. Oh well. I couldn’t just give it away after it had been autographed by a booker winner, could I ?

Interestingly, he “twittered” a poem recently. (via Guardian)

Posted in Books on April 10, 2009

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  1. Sherene says

    I met Ben Okri at the LSE Lit Fest in Mar and got a book signed too :) Hmm, I should put up the personally addressed message online too!

  2. oriol says

    hi i met Ben Okri yesterday (train barcelona-paris). He´s great!!!:)
    I wrote some words about this meeting.

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