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I wish…

I wish someone would pierce a dagger through my chest
Pull it in and out and then a few times more, and more.

I wish I would dip myself in oil boiling in a pot on a raging fire
To feel myself melt away from the reality of worldly life.

I wish I could be trampled on by the wildest of the beasts
And be made one with the earth that rests beneath their feet.

I wish there would be a whirlwind that lifts me high into the sky
Just to swirl me round and round till there is nothing left to be.

I wish they would tie my limbs and pull them apart from east and west
Till I break down into a million pieces never to be put together again.

I wish I would jump from atop the highest mountain into the deepest abyss
So that all that remains would be the memory of what once was.

I wish a smaller pain would be mine than that that haunts my burning soul
Anything else but the deep dark abyss that is my heart’s eternal home.

Posted in poetry on December 14, 2008

5 Responses

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  1. Shyam says

    Surya, glad that you are back. But after reading the poem….I hope everything is all right.

  2. Deepa says


    I stumbled across your site one day and returned often to read your bolg posts with interest. I really hope your latest post is an imagination in overdrive, and that you are truly ok.

    Best wishes,

  3. Chakli says

    Hi Surya, was excited to see that you had a new post on your blog, and then the excitement turned to worry when i read the post. Hope everything is okay. Feel free to email if you want to talk.

  4. Jigar Patel says

    Wow! Are you ok, great art but very very dark. I guess my challenge to you would be: if what you wrote was the ‘ying’ then what would the ‘yang’ read like. Perhaps you would like to give that a shot if you have some spare time.

Continuing the Discussion

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