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Thank you & Good Bye

Today I bid adieu to many things that were a part of my life – the blog being just one of them.

This blog turned out to be a much better experience than I could ever have imagined, mainly because of the many unexpected visitors and commentors I had. I appreciate it, thank you.

Some of you emailed me and we continued our conversations beyond the comments on this blog. Drop me an email, if ever you feel like. I think I would really like that.

Some of my long lost friends found me again after they stumbled upon my blog. Lets not get long lost again.

As I realise and accept once again that change is the only thing that is constant in life – the silence of silent eloquence will just be yet another change.

Auf wiedersehen..and I pray our paths will cross again.

Posted in Catch-all on September 26, 2005

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  1. paappaan says

    Surya, may we ask “why”?

  2. Abi says

    I too would like to ask why, but won’t. I am sure you have thought through it, and if the reason was something you could share with the rest of us through this post, I am sure you would have.

    But I can certainly ask you this: can you reconsider? Please …

  3. Surya says

    Abi: Thanks for not asking why and Paappan, I am gonna leave it at that =)

    But its been a tough decision. I have thought hard abt it and wouldn’t have decided so unless I had to.
    But I will see you at your blog =)

  4. Abi says

    I was almost sure about what you were going to say; but still I had to ask.

    I wish you all the best, Surya. I will miss your (silently) eloquent voice …

  5. Surya says

    Thanks, Abi =)

  6. Venkat says

    Good luck!


  7. Vikram says

    Hi Surya,

    I am sad to see that you are stopping your blog.

    I have one off topic question for you: I am studying in Berlin now and I was wondering if you knew the best (cheapest) way to call India from Germany.



  8. Surya says


    Try this:

    The “GlobalLine” card is what I have found to be a good trade-off between quality and price. You can buy this card in some of the shops too, but I think its slightly cheaper to buy online.

  9. Surya says

    Thanks, Venkat.

  10. kp says

    Im not a great blogger myself, but I can spot one when I see one. Your blog had provided people all over with some good stuff to think about. Some of us will surely miss u when u go. Good luck, naattukaree…

  11. Anjali says

    Hi Surya,

    Very sad to see that you are going to stop blogging. I am sure it was a difficult decision to make.

    I enjoyed your blog a lot; thanks for all the interesting discussions and insights. I wish you luck for the future!


  12. Surya says

    Thanks, KP! But I will still drop by your blog..So, its not goodbye yet =)

  13. Priya says

    Hi Surya,
    all the best for u. I will mail u when i am free.
    take care

  14. One More Reason says

    As Abhi said, will miss your silently eloquent voice.

  15. One More Reason says

    I went back to your very first post and I found this …”So shall be born Silent Eloquence – a blog that celebrates the beauty and power of words.”

    And in the next post you say this, “It sorta helps to record stuff. You know, maybe fifty years later, I can laugh at this and say – ha! how immature was i”

    The more you write the more there is to treasure. Why limit the treasure. Wouldn’t you agree ?

    Then there is this quote by someone …”We only part to meet again”

  16. divya says

    Oh Dear! I missed this farewell! Now is too late to pray you to get back to blogging! Sigh…

  17. shamly says

    Surya, will miss your blog…just wishing that some day you will decide to start another one…so long…

  18. ramnath says

    The Dark One

    When I first heard the sounds of
    Darkness and silence meeting within me

    The little mind argues for light
    The virtue, the power, the beauty

    Light a brief happening could hold me not
    All encompassing darkness drew me in

    Darkness the infinite eternity
    Dwarfs the happened, the happening and yet to happen

    Choosing the eternal
    Darkness I became

    The dark one that I am
    The divine and the devil are but a small part

    The divine I dispense with ease
    If you meet the devil you better cease

    Love & Blessings

    Sourced from: Forest Flower, dated 10 February, 2002, published on behalf of Isha Foundation.

  19. ashwin says

    I missed this too. RSS feeds gone haywire.

    Do drop by the new Bhootakannadi. :)

  20. najeeb says

    Now that I come here after a long time, I see that your blog is shut down already. I certainly enjoyed my occasional visits here :) Good luck!

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