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Spammers and my home address

I am usually spared from terrible spams mainly because till recently, I was overly protective of my email address. Thanks to that, some of the spam in my mailbox do get a second glance once in a while – and today I got one which was addressed to me along with my home address which I had six years back , right down to the unit, level, block and postal code. It was a regular spam from a guy who claims to have a variety of chronic illnesses and wants help in drilling oil. I could not imagine myself ever giving out such information to unreliable sources (yes, I am paranoid by default) – seriously, where do they get such information from !?!

The next time I have to hire a person for market research, I wouldn’t be too quick to pass up spammers.

Posted in Tech on August 23, 2005

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  1. kp says

    This is scary stuff. Wud you pls let us know when u figure it out?

  2. Surya says

    will do..though I doubt I will ever find out.!

  3. Bala says

    There are numerous sources for this information. Companies we deal with typically sell this type of data. It could be your credit card company, phone company, hospital/clinic, etc. Sometime the applications we use – Plaxo, yahoo, google, etc. Some of them are less intrusive than others. And ironically, we have usually authorized this. Its all in the small print! :)

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