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Not newsworthy?

I just watched my daily CNN News headlines and was hoping to catch an update on the blasts in Bangladesh. The strange thing is – it wasn’t even mentioned in the headlines! I thought I had perhaps read the earlier piece wrongly and checked the BBC News site. And its not even in the main news – the breaking news is about the football friendlies (The Brits disastrously lost to the Danes BTW, so I don’t know why BBC is excited about it). I had to search for “Bangladesh” before I found it in the South Asia section.

393 bombs exploded in 63 districts out of 64 districts of Bangladesh.

Is it just me or doesn’t this sound like important news to anyone else?


The Acorn writes on the Bangladesh bombings and their possible motives.

The terrorists who set off explosions all over Bangladesh warned the American president and the British prime minister to get out of Muslim countries, asserting that ‘their days of ruling over Muslim countries are over’. The terrorists think that setting of explosions in an already impoverished Muslim country, terrorising innocent people, a majority of who are Muslims anyway, will strike fear in the hearts of the United States and Britain.

Given the news interest that it generated, I would say, ‘What were they thinking!?!”

Posted in Catch-all on August 21, 2005

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  1. One More Reason says

    I first saw this news on Sepia Mutiny. I was surprised to find that none of the leading news site carried it on the front page.

  2. Vishnu says

    Strange! CNN and NY Times usually pounce upon such distressing news on Asia.

  3. Surya says

    Its probably because of *touch wood* the low number of casualties. The BBC site today doesn’t have it in the main page – it has been pushed out of even the South Asia section.

    Its a pity they don’t realise that this is something that could have been a lot worse and deserves attention. But there are enough blogs around that are carrying the news – so at least we can get updates.

  4. Anjali says

    Yeah, i was surprised too that it didn’t make headline news. It’s probaby because of the low number of casualties, but still…..

  5. surreal reality says

    It’s because its Bangladesh.

    Minimal trade interests, no known terrorist outfits hence no threat, small developing country somewhere in South Asia.

    Why would the white man care?

  6. Surya says

    Sigh..somethings never change.

  7. Vulturo says

    Only 20 died > ergo not newsworthy

  8. Surya says

    Is it 20 now? I thought its 2.
    20 is definitely not a small number..

  9. surreal reality says

    Look at it this way, a few months from now a similar exercise is carried out in the United States or in Britain. This time, they are better equipped and a couple of thousand white folk die.

    Will give analysts and political scientist at least 4 years worth of research correlating the attack to the “dress rehersal” in Bangladesh.

    That, will make the headlines.

  10. Surya says

    Lets pray that doesn’t happen..

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