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Seasonality in blogging

Summer is a hard time to blog. Its easier to keep yourself in a room with a laptop, when the weather is freezing outside and its dark at 4pm. With lovely sunshine (I got back to Duesseldorf today and was reminded again how summer comes with lots of rain though ) and long days and lots of things to do, despite my best intentions, blogging sometimes takes a back seat. Its almost like theres no eloquence left in Silent Eloquence. It can’t die a silent death – it will be too hard to give it CPR next winter. And now that I am back from Munich and have regular Internet access, I will try and not ignore blogging altogether.

BTW, Bavaria is wonderful – I finally felt like I was in Germany. Everything I had imagined about Deustchland before I got here – fairy tale castles, lofty mountains and green valleys, little white and yellow alpine flowers, men in Lederhosen and women in huge white skirts and even remnants of the horrible concentration camps – southern Germany has all that and more. Munich definitely has a flavour of its own. Since my mind often refuses to work too hard in the summer sunshine and tends to wander into lands faraway, I will make use of this time of the year to catch up on all the travelogues I had promised myself I would write.

While we are on seasons, the fall collections are out in the shops. I was passing by Koeningsalle, which is THE fashion street of Germany – and saw a lovely lovely lovely Oscar De La Renta piece. Of all the seasons, I love fall the most when it comes to fashion. It always has the classiest, most beautiful and sophisticated designs among all the seasons. If you love oggling at beautiful clothes, check out this link here

Posted in Catch-all on July 26, 2005

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  1. Anjali says

    Hey Surya,

    Good to have you back!

    Ditto on the “mind working less in summer” thing – just can’t seem to focus on work when you could be out doing so many other more interesting things.

    Fall clothes in summer is a bit strange though. It’s the same in Brussels – all the stores are already displaying fall stuff while my mind is screeching, wait a minute, could you please bring the shorts back, please?? BTW, that link you posted doesn’t work. Do put it up again – I LOVE oggling at beautiful clothes! :)

  2. Surya says

    Thanks for pointing it out – corrected the link.

    Anyways, for better picture quality of the same stuff, try ODLR main site and then the runway section and fall 2005.

  3. Anupama says

    Hi Surya
    I agree about summer being the hardest time to get any work done. It was awful studing for my quals with everything outside being a riot of colour and sunshine. But, maybe I can soak up some of that sunshine now that my quals are finally over!

  4. Surya says

    Hey! Glad to know your quals are over! Hope they went well. Time to enjoy the summer now =)

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