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Now, Germany is in the Netherlands?

Some time back, I griped about how people thought Singapore was in Germany (and everywhere else except where it really is). Now, check out how American Express addresses my credit card bills!

Sure, my previous address used to be in Holland, but that’s no reason to think Germany is in the Netherlands. I also don’t know how the West Germany sneaked into my address.

Seriously, even if they never went to school, don’t they at least watch soccer?

Posted in Culture & Languages, Personal on July 2, 2005

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  1. Pleomorphous says

    You know, even though Bombay, Madras and Calcutta have been renamed, flight services still use the old abbreviations – BOM, MAA and CAL (I think).

    Dusseldorf used to be in erstwhile W. Germany. Since nobody wanted to break what is working… (Hey! You know its in Germany, right? You get your bills, right? Then why are you complaining?).

    I cannot explain how The Netherlands got there, maybe they think the place you live in is in the nether lands? :->

  2. Srijith says

    The “West Germany” part is understandable, what is surprising is the country being stated as “Netherlands”.

    You get your bills, right?

    Frankly, it surprises me that the bills are getting delivered at all! I wonder what route it takes. Singapore –> Netherlands –> West Germany Germany?

  3. Pleomorphous says

    I guess there is a smart postman somewhere in that link.

  4. surreal says

    Thats hilarious.. coz as far as I’m concerned the rivalry between “West” Germany and Netherlands is almost as bad as India-Pakistan especially when it comes to soccer. I’d really like to see a B S Pandey, Lavelle Road, Bangalore, INDIA, PAKISTAN address :D

  5. Surya says

    That would be a real good one! I will try sending a mail to your add, with Pakistan at the end and see if it reaches you? :o)

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