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New Template

I have finally moved to a template/theme, that is easier to read and faster to load. Thanks for all your comments that prompted this change.

Posted in Blog related on June 11, 2005

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  1. Pramod says

    The new look is cool – esp. with you on the mast-head!

    Am struggling a bit to get to the meaning of what is silent – eloquence; but then Enlish or for that matter any language was never one of my strenghts – but will come down to it!

    Just a thought is there any river that has flown back to its source? ;-)

  2. Vishnu says

    Good template! But I think that the content area is narrow, and the space on the sides is being wasted! You could think of widening the content area.

  3. Abi says

    Hi, this theme certainly looks great. However, I agree with Vishnu that the content area is too narrow. Please have mercy on those of us who like to read things in bigger fonts; for example, if I make font size higher just one more step in my firefox browser, I will have difficulty reading a-long-word-like-this-one-with-hyphens!

    While white spaces on the sides make your page more classy, I think, they can be a little narrower without losing any of its purpose.

    Your blog is, as usual, superb. Give us more!

  4. Surya says

    Thanks all, for the encouraging feedback.

    Yup, you are right – the content area is a bit narrow. Have increased it.

  5. Saket Vaidya says

    Minima Plus?

  6. Surya says

    Minima Plus?


  7. Anjali says

    Like the new look… that you on the banner?

  8. radha says

    hey Surya, been reading your blog for a while.. notice you are into credit risk.. are you with Standard Chartered by any chance ?

  9. Surya says

    Like the new look… that you on the banner?

    guilty as charged =)

  10. Surya says

    Hi Radha,

    Welcome to my blog =) I do work in Credit Risk Management, but am not with SCB.

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