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CDs from the pirates

I am getting good at keeping a straight face when I really want to laugh.

Today, I did not laugh when my colleague secretly confessed that he bought his Corrs CD from the pirates. Nor, when another male colleague distributed chocolates because he was pregnant.

You see, they patiently correct me when I say things like “Wurde Sie mögen einige nutten?” which apparently means “Would you like some prostitutes?”. And all I wanted to do was offer some nuts. Nutten is prostitutes, Nüsse is nuts!! In my defence, you can make a lot of German plurals by adding an -en at the end.

So, I have a strong reason not to laugh. But go on, you can have a laugh.

Posted in Culture & Languages on June 3, 2005

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  1. Abi says


    I have taken the liberty of book-tagging you. I look forward to what you have to say.

  2. KittyCreation says

    Really enjoyed reading yourblog. came from nitin pai’s=>srinath’s to yours. :)

  3. Surya says

    thanks =)

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