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Espanol, Aquí vengo!

Spain, Here I come!

I leave for my much-awaited vacation in Spain and Portugal ( just dint how to say ‘here I come’ in Portugese) in an hour’s time. The itinery reads something like Düsseldorf -> Amsterdam -> Barcelona -> Zaragoza -> Torla -> Madrid -> Granada -> Cordoba -> Seville -> Lisbon and then back.

Considering we are sorta backpacking, I dont know if I will have access to Internet. If i can manage to get a decent connection, I’ll post some pics or some news from Spain. If not, Adiós Amigos! See ya in June!

Posted in Travel on May 13, 2005

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  1. Anish says

    see ya in june???…sob sob…the posts shall be missed.

    Bon Voyage !!……Carpe Diem !!


  2. Anjali says

    We are going to Spain too……we leave for Barcelona on Saturday and will be there till Tuesday (17th). Any chance you guys will be in Barcelona then? If you have access to the Net, let me know. Venkat and I would love to meet you and Srijith.

  3. Surya says

    Hi Anjali,

    Wish I had checked my blog before…guess its too late now =( would have loved to meet you guys. Hope u had a good time in Barcelona.


  4. Surya says

    Hey Anish

    Looks like its not really “See ya in June” after all..

  5. Anjali says

    Hi Surya!

    Yeah, sad we couldn’t meet in Barcelona. Never mind, some other place, perhaps.

    We had a fab time there……walked a LOT; the city is awesome! Sad to be back in dark, overcast Brussels after that nice, sunny weather in barcelona (though the day we were leaving, the weather was quite nasty.)

    Hope you guys had a good time too. Look forward to your post.


  6. GWBE says

    Hey Surya,

    Came across your site through the Kerala blog roll. Are you the same Surya – shuttle champion – Section D in St. Mary’s TCR from 1995 to 1997?

  7. Priya Menon says

    hi surya,
    how r u ?how is srijith? hope u r enjoying ur trip.Happened to explore ur nice blog after one of my best friends back home( the girl with big eyes) told me. r u coming to UK by any chance? do let me know if u do. srijith’s collage is lovely. keep in touch.

  8. GWBE says

    Hey Priya,

    When did you become a Menon?


  9. Priya Menon says

    hi GWBE,
    u let the cat out of the bag…..i wanted to pick surya’s brain—–i know she got the best one though.answer to ur question-changed from nair to menon after marriage.

  10. Surya says


    Yeah, I do have some sort of St.Marys link – though I cant remember what section I was in. And played a bit of Baddy – so yeah, I am probably the same person you are thinking of. I just have to remember the girl who had the biggest eyes..=) Welcome to my blog..!

  11. Surya says

    Hey Priya,

    what a surprise!! Ha, I know only one Priya who lives in the Mrs.Menon now huh? welcome to my blog. dunno when i will come to immediate plans. Though I am not moonlighting for the German tourism board, would love to have you guys over sometime – so consider Deutschland for your vacation. do u still use ur old email add..?

  12. Surya says

    Hi Anjali,

    Barcelona is really beautiful isnt it? Though it was drizzling Tues and Wed – so I guess you headed home at a good time..I totally know what you mean about bad weather – Down in South Spain it was 40 degrees on one of the days and now I am back to wearing sweaters and getting drenched in the rain..

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