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Welcome to my new home!

I finally got down to moving Silent Eloquence from blogspot to my own site. Its been more than five years since I got this domain as a birthday gift and I finally have something up!

Just a few notes on the moving process:

Installing wordpress and porting over to your blog is really a simple process. So, if you are like me and have been procrastinating a move, you really have no reason to. Thanks to the many good people, there are several free softwares with great documentations that will guide you through the whole process.

Some useful links:

List of wordpress themes
Another list of wordpress themes
Yet another list of wordpress themes
A great blogger to wordpress import tool
A good documentation to the above tool

I am yet to complete the rather painful process of sorting my posts into different categories. It takes a while and I am yet to find a better way than going through each one individually. Not just that – after I decided on some categories and then starting sorting out my posts, I realised they dont really match. For now I have just categorised a few – Will get down to the rest some other day.

If you read my blog, please update your links:

Blog mainpage:
RSS feed for posts:
RSS feed for comments:

Posted in Blog related on May 12, 2005

8 Responses

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  1. Anil says

    Umm… me likee….

  2. Administrator says

    thank ya..=)

  3. pleomorphous says

    Some thing is not quite right with the page. It scrolls too slowly in Firefox and a wee bit quicker in IE :-(

  4. Surya says

    Hmm..will see if i can do sthg to make it faster

    thanks for letting me know..

  5. Anjali says

    Like the new look!

  6. Anil says

    I think it’s a Firefox thing with rendering… Try browsing slashdot on firefox and IE and you’ll see the difference.

    ‘Administrator’ is so detached and formal… how about ‘Surya’..

  7. Surya says

    Ya, I think Firefox latest versionhas some probs – had no probs with v3, but it seems v4 is giving some probs. will have to check when i get back. till then, u may have to live with this..sorry =(

    Yes, Anil, no more administrator – that was my first comment here and dint realise i hadnt changed the nick

  8. Surya says


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