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The Episode of the Mannequin

Have you ever seen a mannequin getting a change of clothes? Thank your stars if you haven’t. In the Shopping centre nearby, I was treated to the gory sight of a lady pulling out another lady’s (she looked so life-like) arms – both of them – and screwing out her head, so that she can fit the rather complicated costume onto it. Eeeks, either they shld get mannequins that don’t look like humans or they shouldn’t do it at a glass window in full public sight at lunchtime.

My mother used to complain how fussy I was abt my clothes when I was a kid – if they were slightly uncomfortable (read not baggy-loose or has a hint of lace in it), I would bawl and refuse to wear it. It had to be plain simple and extra roomy and in my mother’s words – ugly. Somehow, the mannequin episode made me very grateful that my mother did not resort to any scary ways to force her choice of clothes upon me – no, she wouldn’t have screwed my head out – but twisting my arm just might have helped.

Posted in Personal on May 11, 2005

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  1. Pleomorphous says

    I have seen a mannequin getting its clothes changed. I was 4.

  2. Surya says

    i am so tempted to say, “that explains everything”..but i am not saying it..:)

  3. Pleomorphous says

    Try explaining it instead :->

  4. Surya says

    tough one..looks like there is no other explanation! =)

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