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Timetravellers convention on Saturday!

If you have no plans for this Saturday, party with some timetravellers at the timetravellers convention!

I must admit I am a skeptic and even if I can get past the “the MIT guys have found a neat way to fund a big party”, there are so many Physics issues that will make this a near impossibility – any possible future will irrevocably change the future, a time machine can only be a closed timelike path, which means you gotta have a time machine BEFORE you can hold a timetravel party, the timeline would split making the future universe parallel to the present one, the undeniable grandfather paradox yada yada yada. In fact, what would be more interesting are some *good* arguments *for* the convention.

But as always, innocent until proven guilty, all concepts are pondered over till proven utterly idiotic – lets be open minded – and here I am adding two cents to the publicity!

If I hadn’t already made plans for the weekend, I sure would have taken my aids cure and poverty eraser to this ancient convention – i hear the ancients still don’t have those basic necessities – oiewuht! (that’s ‘dammit’, from the future – for all you prehistoric readers)!

Posted in Science on May 4, 2005

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