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Heaven and Hell in Europe

I just got back from one week of training ( yes, I din’t have to work at all this week!!). It was my first truly cross-European experience, as the training had representatives from almost all the European countries. Add to it the fact the faculty who taught the course was comprised of an American, a Canadian and an Indian, i think we had a pretty good International mix.

Over lunch today, we were talking about the cultural diversity and this old joke someone shared may not be too far off from the truth:

Heaven in Europe is a place where the British are the policemen, the French are the cooks, the Germans are the engineers, the Italians are the lovers and the Swiss run the place.

And hell is where the British are the cooks, the French are the engineers, the Germans are the policemen, the Swiss are the lovers and the Italians run the place.

Posted in Culture & Languages on April 15, 2005

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  1. Victoria says

    you got it wrong.the Swiss aren’t even in the Joke

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