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The Elegant Universe

Apart from the incessant pacing that I went through for three very long hours between the time Srijith left his hotel and got to the airport in Denver (yeah yeah – i know I am a worrywart, but I couldn’t reach him on his mobile and all the satellite cams of Denver showed a very bad blizzard with warnings for people to stay out of the roads and it DOES NOT take 3 hrs to get to the airport) and the Colorado t-shirts and the usual touristy stuff I got, the one really cool thing (for me, that is) that came out of his trip was:
The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene!!
..end of drumroll..

Who said men cant get their gifts right?

Posted in Books, Science on April 13, 2005

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  1. Arun says

    Hi Surya,
    nice blog.ive heard quite a lot about the brilliant “surya ramkumar” from PC Thomas’ and from some other teachers there.really happy (and a bit surprised!!) to see this blog.
    keep writing…
    ps:plz dont go to my page,its not upto blog standards.

  2. Pramod says

    This indeed is a great book – though not a light read – I didn’t think it was really scientific – but for someone who has left “real” science technology behind its boooks like these that help me keep in touch with a world that I was once part of :-) – Kind of helps broaden perspectives I think – reading these books – very much like reading Stephen Hawkins History of Time.

    But another of my fav. books which indeed is not pop-science as my friends here tend to call my collection of science books is “On the shoulders of giants” edited by Stephen Hawkins. Unlike most other books – this actually contains the original works (translated to more or less plain english) by great thinkers like Newton, Galilie, and Einstein. Its interesting to see in one place and in a sense compare Newtons work with Einsteins!! One of those books that you can keep on your reading table and read it over a loooong period of time.

  3. Surya says

    Hi Arun,

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for dropping by..

  4. Surya says

    Had heard about On the shoulders of giants – the thought of reading original works in kinda daunting, yet intriguing I guess…Hope to pick it up sometime – Thanks for the recomm.

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