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Confusion O confusion

There are certain things that most people take for granted that I have to think for a moment. Like for example, the floor that I need to go to – do I count the ground floor as 1 or 0? I rem when I was a kid, we used to count ground as 0, and then I switched and I switched back again. And dates, do I write them as ddmmyy or mmddyy? When I read dates, my mind takes a moment to figure out is it 10th of Jan or 1st of October, for instance. It does not help that the conventions and the systems at work are totally whimsical when it comes to whether they should follow the ways of the locals or the ways of the Americans. I finally got that ‘look left, then right’ before you cross thing right. Thank God, I am no more a walking accident just waiting to happen. But just sometimes, I still feel like the cars are driving on their own, with no driver on the driving side. Alas, there are so many more. These may sound silly, and my brain corrects them after a split second. But that split second makes all the difference.

Posted in Catch-all, Culture & Languages on March 8, 2005

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  1. Srijith says

    Aha.. even after about a year here, I still confuse look-left-and-then-right. Or was it the other way around? :)

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