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My take: Uncle Petros and the Goldbach Conjecture

WYP This book tells the story of obsession, determination and the chase to ultimate glory. The story is presented against the backdrop of mathematical research and portrays the life of a mathematician, who dedicates his whole life to finding the solution of what is one of the most famous unsolved mathematical questions.

But this book is more about life, than it is about mathematics. The math in it is simple enough even for a layman to understand and the issues that are discussed are relevant to all. It tells a story of human pride, misjudgment of one’s own capabilities and eventually the difficulties in admitting defeat. Should you set goals for yourself that you can achieve or should your targets be so high that your chances of success are minute, yet if you do achieve them, the victory will be phenomenal. This is a decision we all make in our lives every now and then, often subconsciously.

Uncle Petros and the Goldbach Conjecture is a beautifully written book. The prose is rich and lucid, and it does not feel like a translated book. Apart from the human aspects, this book offers a look into the world of mathematical research. The clear explanations of related mathematical concepts and historical developments in mathematics will be interesting for anyone with a slight inclination towards mathematics.

Overall, it is a wonderful read.

Posted in Books on February 27, 2005

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