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My new kitchen!

My kitchen has arrived. After long last and several weeks of moving into our new apartment, my precious – my new kitchen – has been assembled. This may sound strange to you, but rented houses in Düsseldorf (and in many other parts of Germany) don’t come with a kitchen – so no sink, no shelves, absolutely nothing. Ha, the best of part of it is that the instructions for all the equipments (from dishwasher to microwave to washing machine) are in German. Boy, I am in for some serious babelfish translator fun!

Now that I have a kitchen, I am trying to conquer yet another of my, hmm lets say,areas of weakness – cooking. I have generally been a bad to average cook. But all thats about to change. I inaugurated my kitchen with some delightful rajma (adjective has been kindly contributed by Srijith), and followed it up the next day with Linguini in Bolognese with broccoli sauteed in soya sauce. Well, today we are having take out Turkish food. But that’s just a blip on the radar – I will be back to cooking again – to bury the ghosts of the burned Maggie noodles of my past, for good.

Posted in Personal on February 27, 2005

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  1. Pleomorphous says

    Congratulations! While I go about making arrangements for my dinner tonight (folks out of town), carry on cooking.

  2. Surya says

    Thanks. Happy dinner-finding! =))

  3. Ashwin says

    I have to say I am an accomplished cook, you could confirm this with the True Survivors. :)
    Moru-curry is one of my favs.

  4. Pleomorphous says

    I found it in the refrigerator. :))

  5. Surya says

    Moru curry is one of my favs too and is on my list of stuff to try…but i am yet to find a place here that sells coconuts or at least desicated coconut..which means a lot of Malayalee recipes are of no use..=(

    one day i will have true survivors too.., i hope..=)

  6. Surya says

    Wish someone would stock up my fridge too..=(

  7. Prav G says

    u inaugurated ur “chicken”?

    or kitchen?

    sorry to point out, but i hate 2 c black dots on a white surface.


  8. Surya says

    Error corrected. Thanks for pointing it out..=)

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