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Brain Sex

What sex is your brain?

After several years in engineering and computer science schools and in a career as a Risk Analyst, I was beginning to wonder if my brain had decided to go for a sex change. I had tried to alleviate my fears by taking whatever free brain identity tests I could lay my hands on the Internet. While test after test told me that I had a right brain inclination, a more masculine characteristic, deep inside I knew that couldn’t be right. So finally I came across a test that I believe. Turns out I am an extreme left brainer!!

This Sex I.D test
offered on the bbc site is good, not because it gave me the results I expected, but because it is detailed enough to have a good chance at possibly accurate results. They use techniques used by professionals, albeit slightly modified to fit the online mode of testing. Another good point of the test is that it is explains each aspect of the test, and not just give you a single score and result at the end, with a “Go Figure” attitude. And, apparently your statistics go into contributing to some serious research (since its on the bbc site, I will buy that). Well, the test is a bit long and you may need a confused brain identity to actually be motivated enough to go through the whole thing. But then you have the option of doing it in bits and pieces (and some of the tests are fun), saving the results and coming back later. And the test could be shortened quite a bit, if you decide to not give information about yourself and thus not contribute to valuable scientific research.

Enough said! I enjoyed the test. Hope you will too.

Posted in Science on February 23, 2005

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