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2005 is World Year of Physics

WYP UN has declared 2005 as the World Year of Physics as “a worldwide celebration of physics and its importance in our everyday lives”. Why 2005? Because its been 100 years since Einstein published his three important papers in one single year.

Whatever be the reason, I am glad. I have always loved Physics – it is a very beautiful and elegant branch of Science. I think I will celebrate this Physics year in my own way by catching up on all those Physics books I have always wanted to read and never found the time to. And I will blog more about Physics too!

While a World Year of Physics may mean different things to different people, London Rapper DJ Vader’s interpretation of the relativity theory sure is the icing on the cake. Check out the lyrics (an excerpt) of his song inspired by Einstein:

Einstein (Not Enough Time)

This is a Vader Crew Killer, Bass Invaderz Production, seen.
Biggin’ up Mr Size XL on this one.
This tune is dedicated to my girl, seen.

Chorus x3
All I wanna do is spend bare time with my girl before I go from this world
And all I wanna do is chat my rhyme
But I can’t do that because there’s not enough time.

Verse 1
Like Einstein; he had lyrics a hundred years ago to make you realise in your mind that there’s not enough time
To all the peeps out there try to learn to be kind
Allow the beef and appreciate the space of time
Listen to the Vader, Size, passing through like Warp Factor 9
Delivering the message out there from the legend Einstein.

Lets all join in this recognition of Physics and its contributions to make our world a better place..and celebrate in our very own way!

Posted in Science on February 13, 2005

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