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One small step for me, one giant leap for my blog

Today I did the unthinkable..I let two of my friends know abt my blog and sent them the link..Well, its unthinkable coz now I am nervous..this was gonna be my cosy corner where I wrote whatever i wanted, no holes barred..But I found out thats not possible..i have identified myself here anyways. And letting people know might be one way to motivate my lazy arse to be a regular blogger. So lets see how this works out..

Posted in Blog related on February 11, 2005

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  1. Aathira says

    Wo! dint know this blog was a ‘restricted access’ area… now its a huge step for me too knowing tht I am one of the few with access to the blog!!! cos now it becomes my ‘responsibility’ to read and perhaps come out with sensible tips abt blog entries and perhaps comment on a few!

    oh no… now, I have to say things which sound sensible!! #-O (ok… I do a *lot* of y! mssgr chat… so most often u *will* come across such emoticons! ;) :D)

  2. Surya says

    u can say anything u want..really =) and thanks for visting.

  3. Surreal Reality says

    One articulates their throughts best, when they do it for themselves.

    You’re still a name on the screen, a mere statistic, a 2 dimensional apparation.. so keep penning those thoughts.. unabated.. not for those who might trudge by your little abode.. but for you..

  4. Surya says

    >>Surreal Reality> well said..and I will try to do just that! BTW, surreal reality is a cool nick..

  5. George says

    A wise man once said to me that there is no problem in finding someone to talk about; the problem lies in whether you have something to say.
    Be well. George.

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