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Ok! I have had it!

Ok! I have really had it this time! I have attempted to start a blog an umpteen times and never got past 10 posts..and I came across this blog perchance and I was like..wait a! this person really writes like me…and then, it turned into a..oh my god..i wrote this..and only a few months back..

Well, the good people at blogspot let me have a new password and I regained access to this..and so I am gonna give blogging another shot. Come on, there are so many people out there who blog, and I do entertain myself by reading I gotta contribute in some small fashion too, right? And of course, I cant deny that li’l smug voice inside me which says..haha..oh u so indisciplined one, u cant do it, its beyond u. Aw come on, thats one thing I could never resist. I know its a stupid silly flaw, but everyones allowed some, arent they? I could never resist a “its beyond u” here we go giving blogging another shot! Yippee…and this time I have bookmarked my blog – so hopefully I wont forget abt it for too long at one stretch..=))

Posted in Blog related, Personal on February 7, 2005

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