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Why do I have a blog?

I need to answer this here, now. Otherwise I will never remember why I started this.

I usually type in little scrap notes all over the place. It doesnt help that I have four different computers ( two at office and two at home) that I use regularly and interchangably. So I have stuff all over. So, hopefully the blog will help me consolidate my thoughts at one place.
Writing has always been a way of venting my emotions. Maybe that comes with being an only child. I have notes from the time I was about five, in my scrawly kiddish handwriting. The first note I ever have is about my first day at school, when I was so freaked out that I insisted on holding onto my dad’s car keys to make sure that he wont leave the school without me. So, ya, when I feel sad or happy, I used to take it out on a pen and paper, and now on the key board.

It sorta helps to record stuff. You know, maybe fifty years later, I can laugh at this and say – ha! how immature was i!

And may be, just may be, I will get so good at writing, that I will be rich like J.K.Rowling one day.!

This is not the first time I have tried to have a blog. I have tried before and failed. I could never keep up. And lost motivation sooner or later. Well, this time I am gonna try a little harder. And I have a new laptop and hopefully i will be motivated to write more regularly. So, friends and to-be-friends, comments are appreciated. May be that will help to keep my motivation high.

Posted in Blog related, Personal on August 27, 2004

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  1. Prav G says

    ok, u have 4 Pcs and a Laptop…so ?

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