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Life is a funny deck!

Life is a funny deck. As you play , your cards keep changing. There are no rules to this game. You think you have to all figured – 4 Aces to a deck – not one more not one less. And thats where you are caught. While you pull your 12th ace out of the pack – you begin to wonder, where did I go wrong. Dint i do my math right?

Its like walking in a dreamworld. Where all is surreal and surreal is all. You are walking down an alley, turn round a corner and you are in the sea. You gasp for breath thinking you are gonna die. And then you are saved by a plankton. Its a world where logic has no place. You wake up out of your night mare. Only to realise real life is stranger. Far more than you ever thought possible.!

Posted in Musings on August 27, 2004

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