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Silent Eloquence: Beauty and Power of words

The randomness of words..the beauty of the written word when it is dealt with without inhibitions..they surpass many more common and well accepted genres of beauty. The thoughts of a person who is writing are restrained by the speed of his own writing. It does not gallop like unreined wind. Instead it flows smoothly like a river flowing down a mountainside. It twists, turns and it follows different paths..but it never loses track of where it has been and it also has a continuum that adds to its charm.

The power of the written word has been accepted in our society for ages. That is the power of words to influence people who read them or come into contact with them, voluntarily or involuntarily. The power of the written word as a tool for documentation is intuitive. Less well understood is the power of words on their source. Man writes when he is sad, when he is happy, even when he is without emotions. As words flow out, he experiences a lightness of heart that is way better than even a heart to heart talk with one’s soul mate. He knows himself better, he makes decisions on for every word that he chooses and each line of thought leads to deeper and broader realms of thought.

So shall be born Silent Eloquence – a blog that celebrates the beauty and power of words.

Posted in Blog related, Favourites, Musings on August 26, 2004

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  1. Bo says

    Fabulous……..silence talks mouthfuls!

  2. foio says


Continuing the Discussion

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